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Dr. Hoa Nguyen – is a best-selling author, speaker, optometrist, accredited investor, real estate syndicator, mentor, mother, and CEO and co-founder of Blacksteel Investment Group.Dr. Nguyen has had a multifaceted career spanning over two decades. As a successful optometrist, she has helped thousands of patients achieve better vision and eye health. She has also co-authored two best-selling books, “Powerful Women Immigrants” and “Persistence, Pivots and Game Changers.”


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Dr. Katie Le / Real Estate Syndicator
Thanh Pham / Real Estate Syndicator

Brandy Wilson Edwards


I was not leaving that that event until I met you to tell you that you have a beautiful, natural gift and talent of speaking! Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it


Dan Armstrong


You're a natural. Your heart is evident before your actions!


Ken Walls


You are absolutely amazing Hoa!!!


Andrea Cwik


Your're amazing and an inspiration Hoa!!!


Kelli Calabrese


Wow! Such an impressive story. Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place and to bring the kingdom of heaven.


Carmen Mendez


Wow!!! Thanks for that summary of your incredible journey together! It allows us to see "how" something like that is possible!


Bill Walsh


It is awesome to see Hoa Nguyen sharing her message on so many stages! Love it!!!


Katie Pham


Dr. Hoa Nguyen is an amazing mentor and friend who has greatly influenced my journey. Her selflessness and positivity are inspiring. She genuinely supports and helps me achieve my goals. As an inspirational speaker, her presence on stage is captivating and transformative. Watching her on stage helped me discover a voice and calling I never knew existed.


Dr. Nguyen pushed me to embrace my setbacks as much as my accomplishments. This perspective has opened so many doors for me, allowing me to grow in ways I never thought possible. Her guidance has been pivotal in building my confidence and courage, empowering me to believe in myself and push beyond my limits.


Her impact on my life is immeasurable. Dr. Nguyen’s support and encouragement have been a guiding light, helping me through challenges and celebrating victories. I am deeply grateful to have such an incredible person, mentor, and friend in my circle.


Maria Coleman


I have attended many talks by Dr. Hoa Nguyen, and am always thoroughly impressed by her skills as a speaker. Dr. Hoa has a remarkable ability to keep her audience engaged and connected throughout her presentations. Her talks are not only informative but also deeply inspiring. She possesses a rare combination of professional acumen and a kind soul, making her an invaluable resource and an inspirational figure to all who have the opportunity to hear her speak. I highly recommend Dr. Hoa Nguyen to anyone looking for a speaker who can deliver impactful, engaging, and meaningful presentations.


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