Powerful Female Immigrants Who Inspire Greatness

“I remember coming to the US by age 8 and being called all sorts of names and being bullied in school, which made me become very shy and introverted. I went to 13 different schools and lived in 3 different countries before we ended up in New Orleans when I was in the 5th grade. When I was in the 5th grade, I read the book, ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’ by Viktor Frankl that was truly impactful in my life in giving me perspective and meaning. Several pivotal moments of pain in my life created big changes to mold me to become who I am today and my mission in life to create impact and uplift others as well.

‘Powerful Female Immigrants Who Inspire Greatness’ hopes to inspire others to find their own inner light and courage to live life to the fullest, rise up and uplift others!”

-Hoa Nguyen

Persistence, Pivots and Game Changers

“Persistence, Pivots and Game Changers, Turning Challenges Into Opportunities is a powerful book that I’m honored to be a part of along with other entrepreneurs, professionals, real estate investors, entertainers, speakers, and more, including:
– Phil Collen, Lead Guitarist of Def Leppard
– Glenn Morshower, Film & TV Actor, Speaker, and Teacher
– Amberly Lago, Speaker, Author, and True Grit and Grace Podcast Host
– Kevin Eastman, NBA Championship Coach, Speaker, and Author
– Marques Ogden, Former NFL Player, Speaker, and Entrepreneur
– Russ Gray, Co-Host of The Real Estate Guys Radio Show
– Kyle Wilson, Marketer, Publisher, and Founder of Jim Rohn International
and more!
Plus, the foreword is by Brian Tracy, Global Author and Speaker.”

-Hoa Nguyen



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